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Well I think the attached may well be of interest to those following events in Egypt closely! List of sovereign states and dependent territories by fertility rate – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I do not have expertise in drawing conclusions … Continue reading

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FOOD-The new currency?

Okay the so-called Green Revolution has now run its course. Starting in the 60’s Science was able to help produce more food for the world’s hungry. Now that revolution has run its course. Genetic modification of food is part of … Continue reading

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OFAs-Other Federal Agencies Critical to Response-CDC

Some history! Prior to the Anthrax attacks of fall 2001 and prior to enactment of the Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 [May 2002] CDC was an orphan agency often shutting down to deal with some internation situation like … Continue reading

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Critical Infrastructure-Administration Appointees

One of the purpose of this blog is for help to researches focusing on issues and personalities below the normal horizon for those concerned about governance/FEMA/Civil Security issues. Going back in time there is a critical job in the Executive … Continue reading

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Egypt-Implications for US?

I will be posting on this blog from time to time on foreign policy and foreign relations. My principal interest is how other countries deal with crisis management and HS/EM [Homeland Security and Emergency Management]. Of course I much prefer … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on US Policy post-NUDET/RDD

The University of Pittsburgh has produced a short (10pp) document as a result of a conference on the above subject last spring. Worth reviewing IMO: URLs are tested and verified at time of data entry. (299.1kb)

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In 2007 Congress passed and the President signed into law a new statute concerning levees.  A draft report was prepared and delivered to the Congress in 2009 found at: Recommendations to Congress Draft Recommendations for a National Levee Safety Program, … Continue reading

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DNDO-Domestic Nuclear Detection Office

Extract from FAS Secrecy news post of August 24, 2005: NSPD 43: DOMESTIC NUCLEAR DETECTION In a characteristically unilateral action, the Bush Administration last April used a National Security Presidential Directive (NSPD) to establish the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) … Continue reading

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KI-Potassium Iodine as Prophyactic Agent

To some this post may seem rather arcane trivia. But not if there  is a core-melt accident or an RDD or NUDET incident/event. Some history first. Both the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory  Commission) and FEMA in its days of independence struggled … Continue reading

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FINALLY-A decision on block D of the Spectrum

Some issues just won’t go away until someone has the gumption to stand up for the public and public safety as opposed to relying on the free market and private corporations to get the job done. This morning’s NY Times … Continue reading

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