The subject of secrecy will be addressed from time to time on this blog. Critical documents giving background to this discussion can be found at

Note that no use of the word “Secrecy” exists in the US Constitution so that word and its usage and application are constructs of a later era in US History.  Several new books trace the National Security State and Secrecy to the WWII development and explosion of the Atomic Bomb.  I tend to agree since the NUCLEAR PRISTHOOD always tried to protect the holy of holies even while failing to do so from almost the beginning. Check the VERONA files and discussion in the literature.

I also commend deceased US Senator Daniel Patrick Monyihan’s book entitled “Secrecy” as background.  The point of this topic on this blog is simple. The presumption of the US Constitution is that an informed and interested public can make choices about its representatives and they can in turn make correct political choices over time. This paradigm is totally destroyed by misuse of the government of “secrecy” and its use to protect waste, fraud, and abuse.

More to follow!


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