Okay a POP Quiz?

Let US see how conversant you are with the Committee structure in the House and Senate of the US Congress. Based on past efforts and current structure, which Congressional Committees care about the following:

1. The floodplain management aspects of the NFIP (42 USC 4001 et seq)!

2. Fraud, waste and abuse in the federal disaster programs including SBA and Dept of Agriculture.

3. Underlying science issues in climate change, meterology, and seismology?

4. Whether rebuilding NOLA was sound federal policy?

5. The differences between voluntary evacuation (spontaneous?) and ordered evacuation and who can issue that PAR or PAD?

6. The dosimetry available to the first response community and their training in its calibration and usage? And CBRNE response generally.

7. Federalism issues impacting crisis response, including crisis response systems and chain of command in any large-scale domestic crisis.

8. Collaboration and cooperation between DHS, DOJ, and DOD on Homeland Security and Homeland Defense.

9. Threat analysis capability in various levels of government including administration of privacy and civil liberties concern for those staffing DHS? Fusion Centers and the NCTC?

10. How the over 40 federal EOC actually would operate in any crisis and if there was a direct attack on Washington DC?

Well hoping this makes for a good start. And by the way my answer would be NO Congressional committees make these issues a matter for their oversight or legislative inquiries. Probably just don’t have time. More important work to be done.


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