The $64 Question-No Revision of HSPDs by Obama

The HSPD series was an attempt to give both policy direction and delegation of responsibility without the formality of Executive Orders. It largely succeeded and it exceeded in part because an unclassified HSPD often accompanied a classified NSPD during the Bush Administration. The question of course is why have all of the HSPDs continued in effect and non revised? I would have argued for suppercession and replacement of HSPD-5 & 8 with an entirely new HSPD. Those documents continue to cause confusion and neither reflect the enactment of statutes such as PKEMA 2006 effective on March 31, 2007 that impact them. Is it laziness, incompetence, or something else. Time will tell.

Here are the current HSPDs in all their glory!

Homeland Security Presidential Directives

Homeland Security Presidential Directives are issued by the President on matters pertaining to Homeland Security.


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