The Sinews of Preparedness-Continued From Vacation Lane Blog

One of the reasons I wanted to stretch my writing and goals to more than a FEMA centric blog is because to the extent I can detect long term trends destructive to resilience and its paradigms of prevention, protection, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery this new blog will attempt to do that.

Today’s NY Times has some really bad news for the overall resilience of American society. Go to:

I had been concerned for a long time about the Student Loan Program since two friends left to join the enforcement arm of first HEW and then Department of Education. The stories they told me indicated that a vast betrayal of the public interest was occurring in the form of the profit making Universities and Colleges that largely relied on student loans for funding and did almost no real academic research or writing and in fact were largely just diploma mills and training not education operations at best. Then of course SALLIE MAY was privatized furthering the rot.
I have long been interested in issues of policy relating to Scientif Integrity and Academic Integrity.
Twice Uncle Sam put in charge of ethics issued for some organization. First for 9 weeks I held the OCS Battlion ethics position at FT. Sill, Oklahoma when participating and graduation in OCS class -68-123. A year before a number of HS grads had received Commissions as many in my generation of college or post-college grads desired to have no part in being commissioned. My OCS class was of the first in over two years that was all college grads. Again in FEMA I ran the Ethics Program in that organization enforceing and implementing the highly defective regulatory scheme of the OGE (Office of Government Ethics) adopted to implement the Ethics in Government Act of 1989. In the OCS job placed in it by popular election–shades of the militia!  In the second placed in it as punishment for telling various GC’s of the Inpendent FEMA how to do their jobs.
Unfortunately, many of the fine research universities in the 70’s and 80’s really lost control of their faculty to the world of consulting and government grants. If Academic freedom means study of subjects and research for its own sake that is no longer the reality.  The conversion of “Natural Law” into Science that occurred under Sir Isaac Newton and others in the 1600’s where trial and error, or hypothesis and experiment, replaced other systems for mankinds advancement is now again in jeopardy.
My problem of course is that my view is still largely almost biblical–money corrupts in many ways and perhaps is the ulitmate corrupting influence together with power and sex.  But hey just because corruption continues to bring down governments–Tunisia for example-does not mean that chapter in mankind’s  history has ended.
The problem of course is that the non-profit univerisities and colleges are adopting the strategies of the profit making ones and perhaps this trend willl play out this century.
I still would pick a Cal-TEch over Kaplan for its contributions to mankinds well-being and to basic resilience for the country. A morning message to me indicates that over 70% of all PhDs in Engineering now go to the foreign born. The question of importance to me is what happens after their become Post-Docs?
With respect to the evolution of the academica and Homeland Security and Emergency Management, money cannot be the most common driver for interests in these profession. Just as with Social Work. And by the way how many Social Work MSWs are granted by Kaplan? WEll the existence of Kaplan explains why the corrupted Washington Post does not write up much about academic integrity and research issues with Kaplan representing almost 75% of its corporate revenues.
I have heard of several colleges and universities discarding SATs and relying on interviews and grades and wondering if that has produced a difference better or worse in each class. Personally I doubt that. The number one guy–a Chemistry major-in my college class of about 800 graduated from a HS with 19 in his senior class. And the number one guy in my law school class had the lowest Law Board scores of anyone in that group. So go figure.
My point in this post is perhaps a stipend automatically for certain majors? There cannot be even counting non-profit colleges and universities and profit making ones more than 10,000 with HS or EM degrees? Not sure.
At any rate, privatization is definitely the word for the day in most state universities and this factor alone will create a far different academic culture and student body. I paid $300 a semest for my law degree and now for in-state students around $27,000.  So the question of who goes becomes huge?

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