DHS Leadership Journal

I check the DHS Leadership Journal to see what the Leaders of DHS are saying about their programs, functions, activities and problems and successess from time to time.

You can also by going to

Unfortunately no posts by the leadership since early November 2010 when I guess they realized that an uncooperative Congress in the 111th Congress would be even worse after installation of the 112th.
Well the time could have been well spent on reform and drafting on solid legislative initiatives but looks like the leadership has taken a holiday. Perhaps we are lucky that the Russian airport security failed since that will focus DHS leadership attention for a while and may even force the President to mention some DHS subject of interest in his STATE of the UNION tonight.
Right now beginning to look like one of the key failures of the OBAMA administration for which he may well be held accountable is the failure of real leadership at DHS.  No real improvements in WMD prevention, response and recovery. No real improvements in CIP and cyber security. No real improvement in collection, analysis of domestic INTEL while protecting civil liberties and privacy. Hey! Still 24 months to go for the administration and 22 for the 2012 election so hoping for some progress.
It does not look like FEAR will be a driver for the President to manipulate the body politic so now down to nitty gritty like immigration reform. Perhaps they are all just tired at DHS and just glad to be employed.  Note the wonderful jobs post DHS the giants that led DHS before have obtained. Washington does have a way of winnowing out careers for some and building for others. Do the politicos at DHS talk to the civil servants? And vice versa? Lot’s to be done. So let’s get to work DHS. 

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