It was easy when DOD had divided the world into various unified commands and the head of each could be viewed as the US Proconsul for the section of the world that was monitored. NORTHCOM to some extent established against the wishes of SECDEF Donald Rumsfeld and it still has not quite found its place in the sun in the DOD establishment.

There must be fifty studies of the National Guard in the post WWII period. I know of few post establishment of NORTHCOM. The National Guard Bureau of course is usually the top NG slot in the system. But the NG does not have a designated slot on the Joint Chiefs while one is held by the Marine Corps.  There are some indications that the Marine Corps reliance on beach crossings against a determined enemy might actually be ending as a Corps raison d’etre.  Do all these various shots seem scattered?

WELL when not actually warfighting DOD is always worried that someone will rethink its mission and functions. And that could happen in the next two decades. Fortunately the Russians and Chinese and some elements of Islam are just active and anti-US enough to keep DOD in business.

But I am thinking, why is the Mexican border left largely to the STATEs and NG as an issue and not NORTHCOM?

Why is HAITI left to the NGO’s and AID and not FEMA and NORTHCOM?

Why does NORTHCOM not have a permanent liaison slot in each FEMA region and a rep on each state or other FUSION center?

Why does NORTHCOM not have better liaison with TSA for all airports in its areas of concern including private airports?

Why does NORTHCOM not have more impact on CIP and Cyber security and technical assistance to STATES and their local governments?

Why does NORTHCOM appear as a dead end assignment for most instead of the leading incubator for civil/military talent in the United States?

Why does NORTHCOM not have the lead for all CIVIL AFFAIRS functions in DOD?

Well some of these issues and questions may be off base but at least could we understand how the Paul Stockton, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Defense position and staff relate to NORTHCOM and vice versa. Very opaque.


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