Reorganization of the Pentagon

Been doing some thinking about the future of DOD while off grid here in the NNK of Virginia. The nation for good or bad has made a tremendous investment in DOD. It vast collection of people, equipment and systems should not just be discarded but in fact the President and nest SECDEF must worry about impacts of demobilization on the economy. So a series of posts are likely to follow. This being the first.

I propose that a number of DOD agencies and units that actually operate as dual use organizations–meaning civil and military–should be made officially dual use. For example while FEMA struggles to develop a competent logistics operation for catastrophic events, the Defense Logistics Agency could be dual hatted, meaning the numbers one and two would always be either a civilian or a military officer but never would both be the same–meaning both military or both civilian. And an organization like DLS should be made to author its own design of how this would work by identifying how in any domestic crisis it would be able to balance domestic versus military concerns and if ordered by the President or SECDEF to give priority to the domestic crisis or castrophic event. DISA might also be one to do the same.  And after all now that the FCC is doing so well post-Katrina IMO on communications issues, the EAS, and concerns about E.O. 12472, that organization might just be detached completely from DOD and let the FCC and it become part of a totally new cabinent function called the Civil-Military Communications Department. This would also have the cyber security and computer security programs, functions and activities now run almost independently by each Executive Branch IT shop or Communications Security shop. Physical security for the entirety of domestic installations could also be housed in a dual hatted organization and incorporate such diverse elements as the Federal Protective Service, parts of GSA, the 55,000 civil firemen and women that work for DOD etc.

Well more about this later but I would also immediate transfer both the National Guard Bureau to NORTHCOM and the USACOE to NORTHCOM on a permanent basis. If we are going to have a NORTHCOM as discussed in previous posts let’s make it a useful dual use tool for American society.

More to follow!


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