Submission of the FY 2012 DHS Budget

Last year the DHS released its effort at complying with the statutory mandate that it conduct a Quadrennial Homeland Security Review, patterned on the DOD equivalent.

Basically the effort was found deficient IMO by GAO but DHS did indicate all would be made right in its budget submission. Remember DHS is now operating for the first time in its history under a Continuing Resolution [CR] for FY 2011 the current fiscal year.

So it will be interesting to see how the DHS FY2012 budget submission attempts to repair the deficiencies as promised to GAO.

The GAO report can be found at:



The Homeland Security Department left a significant hole in its 2010 Quadrennial Homeland Security Review because it did not identify a budget plan needed to execute the mission areas, according to a new audit from the Government Accountability Office.

DHS plan to close that gap and include budget plans in its fiscal year 2012 budget request and fiscal year 2012-2016 strategic plan, the GAO said in its Dec. 16 report.

Overall, of the nine reporting elements ordered for the review under the 9/11 Commission legislation, the department fulfilled three, and partially fulfilled five, the GAO concluded in its Dec. 16 report.


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