Atmospheric Modeling-CAMEO

I will continue to post from time to time on modeling issues. But perhaps the key issue at this time is WHICH MODEL? One of the oldest and best known is CAMEO and its use in response to unintentional releases of over 6,000 chemical subtances was enhanced by the work done by NOAA and reflected at URL:

Interesting this is a NOAA site since EPA developed CAMEO and has the lead on chemical hazard responses and safety including co-chairing the National Contingency Plan found at 40 CFR Part 300. That was last revised in 1994 under a statutory mandate to do so. By the way New Gingrich candidate for President in 2012 has announced he beleived EPA should be defunded and abolished. WOW!

At any rate the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs in a losing effort to enact legislation in the 111th Congress did start to address necessary oversight of atmospheric modeling issues and discussed them in its Report No. 111-377 issued December 17, 2010 at pp 43-44.

A reliable person at the American Meterology Association informs me that CDC has gotten the bit in its teeth on the plume modeling issue and will be doing some important work finding out exactly what the agencies are up to and what the problems are in fact.

The URL for the Senate Report is as follows:


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3 Responses to Atmospheric Modeling-CAMEO

  1. Gus says:

    It would be unfortunate if CDC set up another plume model for response scenarios without coordinating with CAMEO (NOAA,EPA, Coast Guard,the US National Response Team and others) CAMEO is a result of federal, state and local collaboration. Thousands of fire departments and emergency agencies use it, literally all over the world. Several US universities carry out ongoing training programs. It is a model that could be adapted easily with weather information, worker safety, and plume modeling for deep water oil drilling. It can help facillitate NIMS implementation. There is a tendency for powerful agencies to go their own way without adequate coordination and collaboration. For example, take a look at the lessons learned from the Seattle TOPOFF exercise for what can happen without adequate coordination.

  2. Peter Gattuso says:

    Your reference to CAMEO Chemicals is not the most appropriate link for CAMEO modeling. The CAMEO module that does air dispersion modeling is ALOHA. The main URL for the entire CAMEO suite is:

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