Readers of my blog at may be aware of my concern about issues of the blood supply in the US for purposes of crisis management and disaster response and recovery. I was personal friends with Everett Gallway who ran the ARC blood program for a while in the 60’s. Later he was Executive Assistant to George W. Elsey, President of the ARC for over two decades.

Here is a link to an article that may be of interest:

ARC was recently fined $16 M by the federal government for its deficiencies in its blood program, the largest collection of blood activity in the US.

I care enough about the issue that I have written personally to one of my Senator’s James Webb to try and interest him in the issues. AT one time FEMA had a DMO (Defense Mobilizaton Order) on the blood supply but that was rescinded after the issuance of E.O. 12656 and E.O. 12919.

It appears that like many issues just below the horizon that will impact a large-scale catstrophe in the US no one is in charge.  Does anyone care that is the real issue?

This is a tough area for preparedness and planning and in reality the WH should take a major interest in this issue and underlying policies because it is clearly a multi-agency issue.

But hey just as the BP OIL SPILL diverted John Brennan’s NSS from working the Disaster Recovery Strategy–wondering why FEMA did not just push ahead but guess they only follow orders–this is another issue that will fester until the crisis has arrived.

Good luck to those needing blood in a crisis. By the way how much blood coming to the US do you think comes from HAITI?


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