INFORMATION SHARING is the term used to analyze the Executive Branch ability to transmit critical information to prevent terrorist attacks. It is a subjec of particular interest to me since my five hours with the 9/11 Commission staff was largely devoted to this subject. It is closely entwined with the non-statutory “NEED-TO-KNOW”  used in the burecracy largely to position certain bureacrats in their power relationships with others. After all there is that old aphorism INFORMATION IS POWER.

That stated the Intelligence Reform And Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 mandated an annual report on Information Sharing to be produced by the DNI [Director of National Intelligence] whose primary task after all was to make sure that collected, analyzed intelligence information, was desseminated to all those needing it to prevent a terroist attack or other mischief.

On that basis here is the most recent report:

You can judge for yourself whether it identifies (1) barriers remaining to information sharing; (2) improvements in information sharing; (3) the confidence that the system has been fixed post 9/11 so such an attack cannot reoccur; (4) what still needs doing!

Since the publication of the DNI annual report, the FBI has published its own document on Information Sharing made available this month and which may be found on the homepage of the VACATION LANE BLOG under Baseline Docs. Go to



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