Today’s NEW YORK TIMES has an article I found very interesting! Brain research is definitely the NEW FRONTIER.

The article is found at:

This is a brief comment on the law and who is an expert. As I understand it the huge battles in the courts over who is an expert stemmed from the adoption of a Federal Rule of Civil Procedure attempting to “bound” the term “expert”! That effort failed as courtroom battles over expertise abounded.
Then in the 1960’s the Federal Rules of Federal Civil Procedure and Evidence were modified. Now whomever can provide information to the court based on their training, education, or experience are allowed to testify as long as germaine to the case. That rule change was designed to then let the Trier of Fact –Judge or Jury depending on the case here relevant and material information. Whether a Jury case or not the Judge then had to let the lawyers argue over the weight to be given to the testimony. Seems to me the correct procedure.
My point however is that expertise comes in different forms.  I learned in the ARMY to trust some 17 year olds with my life. While some college grads I did not trust to hold a rifle and perform guard duty. So perhaps some kind of situation ethics.  My point is simple, evaluation of the expertise and competence for any job or task is a very difficult thing to accomplish. We can only guess. And my problem is that I have seen sincerely motivated and honest people with an extensive background fail in making decisions. How do you measure the capability of someone to make decisions when each new decision may in fact be far different facts or circumstances than any they faced before.
Well the expert chess players have the advantage of having the same board and same players each game. Humans outside of bounds of games don’t really have that luxury. Yet some are competent in decisionmaking and others are not. Not all of us are competent in all areas or even some.
Hoping that neuroscience keeps going and after all what could be the most puzzling thing about mankind but the brain? Or is it the uldoing

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