FINALLY-A decision on block D of the Spectrum

Some issues just won’t go away until someone has the gumption to stand up for the public and public safety as opposed to relying on the free market and private corporations to get the job done. This morning’s NY Times importantly announces such a decision and let’s hope it sticks.

Go to:

This could be one of the watershed issues that looking back will be one that people regard as President Obama doing the right thing even though his appointees at the FCC have tried to do it all along.
The first I heard of the inteoperability issue was when dramatic coverage of the fact that police were warned of the imminent collapse of the towers at the WTC on 9/11 but no warning to get out ever issued to the FIRE SERVICE personnel. Then the Belfer Center in early 2002 issued a wonderful report of a two day meeting in which Juliette Kayem was involved discussing the entirety of communications needs as revealed by the events of 9/11.  This whole arena of difficulty was followed by numerous reports including the 9/11 Commission in its initial report and several follow on status reports.
Congrats to the Administration!  By the way PKEMA 2006 created an Emergency Communications office in DHS/FEMA and wondering if they made any on the record or off the record contribution to this decision? Or the US Fire Administration? Let’s hope they strongly were on record supporting this position of the Administration.

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