Egypt-Implications for US?

I will be posting on this blog from time to time on foreign policy and foreign relations. My principal interest is how other countries deal with crisis management and HS/EM [Homeland Security and Emergency Management]. Of course I much prefer the term CIVIL SECURITY to HOMELAND SECURITY. But since I am also interested in military civil issues I follow how that organization and relationships are handled in the US and elsewhere. Of course I believe as the oldest and richest democracy (actually a Republic) in the world the US is looked to for how we (US) handle civil security and EM.

Oddly the Egyptian military is a product of post-US CIVIL WAR officer cadre from both North and South who worked for over a decade creating an effective officer selection and schooling system and educational system for offspring of the military. This imbedded a tradition of middle and lower class officer candidates very unusual for the regime of the Kehdive or others at that time. This cemented the military in the minds of the people as a meritocracy. Yet it is a military and not a civil organization. As readers of my writings know I believe Civil Security and EM are civil governmental functions but still interesting to watch this play out and I believe the Big Guy will have joined his sons in Europe before the month of February ends.

The best blog I follow on this situation and Arabia in general is Juan Cole’s INFORMED COMMENT that I follow at:

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