OFAs-Other Federal Agencies Critical to Response-CDC

Some history! Prior to the Anthrax attacks of fall 2001 and prior to enactment of the Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 [May 2002] CDC was an orphan agency often shutting down to deal with some internation situation like Ebola or Marburg virus. Then in total ignorance Secretary HHS Tommy Thompson former Wisconsin Governor and possible Republican VP candidate in 2012 announced that the anthrax might have come from North Carolina streams. Where he got this theory is unknown but what all do know is that HHS flunked miserably its Emergency Public Information role in the fall of 2001. There was a small, underfunded, understaffed but highly competent CDC staff that fall and all were collectively accused by Thompson of failures when they largely were HHS failures. Then arrived Julie Gerbiding, M.D.  who whatever else got through legislation, funding, staffing and a new headquarters building for CDC before departing. She also testified numous times before Congress.

So here is the deal! CDC needs even more funding and staffing and their websites are a wonder and extremely useful. Here is one I like:

As to their budget now dated the following is provided:
AS to current funding here is some background:
It will be important to keep in mind that almost no other organizations do what CDC does and therefore  it is extremely important that they are protected from any budget cuts during the 112th Congress.  IMO they are still underfunded and understaffed.

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