FOOD-The new currency?

Okay the so-called Green Revolution has now run its course. Starting in the 60’s Science was able to help produce more food for the world’s hungry. Now that revolution has run its course. Genetic modification of food is part of human history. Look at Maize to Corn. But the largely unregulated distribution of genetically modified food needs far better transparency. Revealed in morning papers that in the US southeast Wheat often no longer immune to fly attacks. More on that later.

Maslov’s Heirarchy of NEEDS redux. Also Malthus!

Well read between the lines on this story:

And guess who science and agro-business is the world’s largest? And conversion of crops to energy use in USA is now significant factor in not just USA food prices but also the World’s food prices. Stockpiles of USA grain are near lowest levels. Here in the NNK of VA [NNK=Northern Neck-meaing land between Potomac and Rappahannock rivers] forest land is being converted to crop lands for the first time in over a century. Hope some good use being made of some might fine hardwoods and sofwoods from newly cleared fields.
And perhaps not so strangely, the Department of Agriculture has the best Agriculture INTELL unit in the world. NSC has none of its own nor does DOD or Dept. of State.  Do you know who Obama’s Secretary of Ag is?
My point is simple! Any international disaster assistance or even humanitarian relief generally looks like all about food the rest of this century.

Economists and experts in food security have warned repeatedly in recent years that an unbridled rise in food prices could trigger the very kind of explosion of citizen anger that’s now threatening to topple the Egyptian government. Such anger is likely to rise elsewhere, too.

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2 Responses to FOOD-The new currency?

  1. Jeff Bowers says:

    The disruptive impacts of climate change on food production are only beginning, particularly in an era reigned by decidedly non-resilient systems of monoculture. Resilience will be a key component of any strategy of adaptation, but my fear is that we’re tilting at the windmill of climate change reversal when we should be focused more tightly on adapting to a world that is changing before our eyes. It doesn’t matter who left the barn door open; it’s likely too late to close it now. Our collective energies should be directed at creating and promoting resilience in all basic productive capacities, including but not limited to food and energy. The political ramifications of not doing so will impact even the most “civilized” of societies.

  2. vlg338 says:

    Seems to be a concensus that when CO2 reaches certain levels that no turning back based on human efforts. I believe we (earth) close to that number now and will meet it shortly. Thanks for the comment and agree completely.

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