Grand Strategy

Some years ago posted the comment below on Thomas P.M. Barnett’s Globlogization blog.

Here is the comment:

Grand strategy to accomplish what? The end of a two hundred fifty year period of continental exploitation, with substantial global exploitation seems to dictate the rise of “sustainabiltiy issues and policies.” Just domestic trends dictate at least 150M more citizens and residents this Century in the US and perhaps 300M. How do we resource adequacy for that projection alone? Or is the US objective adequate resources for the entire world, whatever political beliefs or economic systems? Trending out production and supply of energy, metals-ferrous and non-ferrous, food supplies, etc. seems to be the areas where a grand strategy is necessary for calibration to resource demands. Going to be an interesting century. My guess is the resources of Africa, S. America, and Siberia are all going to be in play once the dynamism of modern Asia and S.Asia is fully effective in world politics a quarter-century down the road. My guess is that the last gasp of the world’s great religions has already occurred but of course could be wrong there. Leadership could make a big difference and that’s where the US needs to upgrade drastically. It is already looking like sub-state conflict is going to dominate the century. Where are the peacemakers? Or is grand-strategy left to other means? Perhaps shades of grey and not black and white, good vs. evil analysis will help.

Posted by William R. Cumming | February 17, 2008 1:20 PM

President Obama not only not yet elected but looking doubtful as a candidate. What is interesting is that his administration to-date shows no real “grand strategy” and is slicing and dicing policy as it goes along. Oddly perhaps the Bush Grand strategy of GWOT has been pretty much ratified by Obama. Wondering why? Why does he seem to be constantly surprised? Did no new facts or themes require rethinking of the Bush policy–Specifically Egypt which did have food riots a few years ago enter into his thinking. When was the most recent NIE on Egypt? NIE= National Intelligence Estimate!


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