The Nuclear Weapons Priesthood

Readers of my life story know that I have some knowledge of nuclear weapons, their employment, the peaceable use of nuclear energy and governance of that difficult subject in a democracy (REPUBLIC)!

My favorite writer on command and control, political scientist and Yale Prof. Paul Bracken in his books “Command and Control” and “Fire In the East” provides insight into the complexity of man’s arrangements for the weapons side.

Now posting on a blog comments on the Pakistani passage of the century mark in its nuclear weapons stockpile a very interesting cite to an article appears. It arrived post the repeal of the federal civil defense effort that was largely destroyed by American popular opinion by both knowledge that the Soviet Union and US had adopted MAD as their strategic doctrine. It still is the strategic doctrine of the Russians and US. Also the computer modeling allowing modeling of what was known about the SIOP leading to the potential for NUCLEAR WINTER in about 1983, led by CARL SAGAN and Science magazine put the nail so to speak in the coffin of popular support for civil defense. The threat now is very different but may once again in the future be a nuclear strategic strike. My favorite author on technicalities is retired 4-star General Lee Butler.

That stated I found this article really an interview extract fascinating.


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