Military and Civil Relations–Egypt

Events in Egypt have been complicated by their opacity to outside observers and almost a complete unwillingness by the INTEL community to examine them from a military and civil relationship perspective. Unusually for the NEO CON driven WAPO an amazing article has suddenly appeared. Go to:

What Fareed has done is open the door to Egyptian events being looked on in an entirely different perspective from almost all reporting to date. The military is firmly in control and running Egypt and in fact like the PLA in China is deeply involved in the nation’s business and economy of Egypt.  This should be no surprise since the same has happened in American business since WWII. About the only sector of the American economy that has not in some way become subservient to the military/industrial complex is the so-called FIRE SECTOR (meaning Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate) but even there the military through its massive installations heavily influences community development and city planning where it is located.

And announced but still below the horizon the military to military contacts between the US and Egypt are now the dominant player in US response to the crisis in Egypt. Largely undocumented the US role in IRAN in the 70’s was largely a militarized relationship. Thus, as recently deceased author Chalmers Johnson, now ably replaced by Professor Andrew Bachvich, the US military in its ignorance often foreshadows the “blowback” that plagues the so-called “American Empire” of Tom Englehard’s operational viewpoint. Stay tuned as US warships move towards the Eastern MED and the Red Sea.


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