Working in America

Have now read a statistic a number of times in various places that states that only 64% of all men in US over 18 receive a paycheck. Assuming this is correct then I have some suggestions.

First you might go look at

I have been pushing for recognized Native American Tribal units to become a supplement to the DAE cadre at FEMA, including training an a stipend for taking that training. But now thinking the more the merrier. Perhaps some of the nondisabled unemployed however defined could also be trained to assist in disasters. There is some emphasis in FEMA policies as dictated by Congress to utilize local hires. There is no necessary conflict in that policy and my suggestion but it would take some thinking and coordination.
Anyhow let US expand the DAE cadre to 100,000 trained and willing to deploy personnel. After all some of the 36% of males without paychecks could be critical in a large-scale catstrophic event.  No wonder the military and NG have so many “volunteers”!

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