All-Hazards Preparedness and HSPD-5 & 8

Well forwarning!  The best single report describing the efforts to make the First Responder Community an All-Hazards cadre was completed by GAO in July 2005. Go to:



The report defines First Responders in its footnote #6 on page 7!

And in an absolutely terrifying abdictation of its responsibility GAO states in Footnote 11 on page 17 the following disclaimer:



The scope of our work was focused on the extent to which the actions taken by DHS to enhance first responder skills and abilities encompassed all hazards, whether the result of

nature, accident, or terrorist action. Thus, our work did not include assessing either the

appropriateness of the scenarios used to identify needed first responder capabilities or the

appropriateness of the tasks and capabilities developed based on those scenarios.”

And my  hope is that GAO will take on an update of All-Hazards Preparedness at the First Responder Community level to see exactly how the passage of time has impacted the preparedness at that level. Also the economic downturn also should be factored into any study.

Interestingly the GAO report above says that $11.3 Billion went out to STATES and their local governments for their ALL-HAZARD preparedness as of the time of the report and for the period following 9/11/01. Not sure how that was computed or accurate but hoping they can update correctly the amount that truly went out of Washington to the First Responder Community since 9/11/01.

The information in the report oddly perhaps is not covered in any other federal report or even an update by GAO.  So hoping GAO can self-initiate so that as we reach the decade mark from September 11, 2001 we (the US) has some sense of what has been spent and accomplished.

 And of course I have focused on this failure in numerous blog posts and comments on other bloggers posts. Why? Because the regulated industries in the US are absolutely subject to creating catastrophic events and in general the regulators have ignored those scenarios. No regulated industry scenarios made the DHS listing. And no organization has review the scenarios to study the gaps that GAO states in this report they have not studied either. Well we (US) was warned.


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