Meterology-Icelandic Volcanoes

Well some may have forgotten the disruption to airline travel to and from Europe last year from the Icelandic volcano eruption. Now looking like worse on the way. Go to:

It would be interesting to have a history of the world, okay maybe just the last 10,000 years of the impact of volcanoes on human history. Simon Winchester did a nice job on Krakatoa and of course there are other “small” ones like Mt. St. Helens which greeted a new FEMA in its formative years as a new threat. By the way all of the Cascade major mountains apparently have been active in relatively recent geologic time and some in historic time. But of course it is the “Old Faithful” area that lurks as a real monster event for the US.
All of this is to wonder why not more writings and analysis of various volcanic meteorolgoy impacts of these giant and expected events even though we cannot predict exactly when or where. 
And by the way let me know when DHS or FEMA hires its first Meterologist or Climatogist. Or even Seismologist?

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