Today’s NY Times reports:

It turns out that 4 out of every 10 acres of agricultural land in US now devoted to fuel/energy usage NOT food.
The trigger for the overthrow in Tunisia was food. Apparently the same for Egypt where it appears that the leadership cadre of that country both civil and military are removing assets from the country as fast as they can be liquidated and moved off shore. Some indicate that things have cooled off in Egypt and that Mubarack will last until September.  Whatever the case and whatever the truth that the Mubarack Family has stashed over $70 billion it appears that the story from today’s NY Times will drive events as food prices world wide soar.
Yet so far no oversight by Congress or statements from the President or administration making any links of US actions to worldwide food shortages. Even though Russian heat last summer and Australian floods will severely diminish wheat output it is corn that appears to be the driver on huge increases in food prices not yet captured fully in the CPI do to manipulation and changes that try and keep that inflation marker from exploding.
In the Northern Neck of Virginia where I live substantial forest areas are being cleared for new cropland. Hoping they make good use of those hard woods and softwoods cleared off because they won’t be back any time soon. Expect after the initial glut of timber sales wears off lumber prices will also skyrocket. By the way Lowes, Home Depot and Ikea worldwide ops consume over 1/3 of the entire world’s lumber production each year, an amazing statistic to me.
Maybe those wood shavings added to many breads for fiber will be increasing in density. Let them eat WOOD?

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