The Last Nearby Frontier? The ARCTIC and ITS Resources!

I used to almost jokingly argue facetiously that when I became President I would invade CANADA setting Quebec free in the process so that North Americans would have some place to play, speak French, eat good food and live a civilized life. Of course evidence points to the first William Cumming who was my ancestor arrriving as a 17 year old in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1797. He had two books. A bible and a book entitled “The Young Man’s Best Companion” which had something on all critical topics from recipies to remedies.

That stated the Russians have dropped a waterproof flag at the North Pole in the Arctic Ocean basically claiming the whole shebang. President Obama has issued and Executive Order on the Arctic and of course we are an arctic nation. That stated the US has allowed its fleet of Icebreakers and ships capable of transiting the Arctic Ocean which may be becoming finally the NORTHWEST PASSAGE sought since the 1500’s or even earlier.

So thanks to a retired Coastie Mark Lewack please go to the following:

This should provide some background info. As I understand it the US has three ICEBREAKERS but only one is fully operational.  Hey maybe with Global Warming none will be needed but in the meantime let’s be covering our bets.

So to learn more go to the following:

  1. A plea for more Arctic Icebreaking capability:
  2. A more recent article:
  3. World’s Top 5 icebreakers (including Russia’s nuclear icebreakers):

Both the USCGC Polar Star and USCGC Polar Sea are sidelined, according to article #2. 



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