White House Crisis Management

The largest international crisis in 20 years could be facing the administration if in fact the Leon Panetta suggestion in Congressional testimony this AM that President Murbarack of Egypt will resign tonight is accurate.

This is a huge event in international relations and even the so called GWOT -global war on terror- a term that the Administration has forbidden its minions to use.  All of the efforts in Iraq, Iran and elsewhere are not put into the realm of possible irrelevancy. So how will this WH manage the event? Well here is a reference to how a past President sought a vehicle to manage a national security crisis which is what this event truly is for the US and many other nation-states and substate actors.

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Post script: Well Mubarack did NOT resign so we (US) may be headed towards having to deal with a real revolution in Egypt and not a guided transition to democracy or something else by an astute military. Perhaps a military takeover itself is in the works. Bottom line is that given the uncertainty hoping the WH is exploring all options and has not foreclosed any policy options. I did think that announcing that Egypt could NOT terminate its own Peace Agreement with Israel indicated some brazeness in US foreign policy of its treatment of Egypt.  As far a I know we have few and perhaps no formal treaties with either ISRAEL or any Arab state. Please correct me if I am wrong. UN membership of course and being signatory to its various Conventions has some Treaty like implications. My international law has gotten a bit rusty.

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