INDIA-The World’s Largest Democracy

I have never been to India. Books like “Passage to India” and “Jewel in the Crown” part of my knowledge base as well as movies involving India from both Bollywood and Hollywood.

Well Professor Paul Kennedy in his book analyzing the 21st Century pretty much comes down to the China and India being the big story.

The US may be the world’s oldest and richest democracy (Republic) but India is by far the largest. The real gift of the British to India. Perhaps?

There is an ongoing actual revolt by Communists in the central core of India that gets almost no US press.

And of course feeding that population is a huge issue. Go to:

The US seems to have finally made up its mind that INDIA is a welcome partner in offsetting CHINESE hard and soft power this century. Probably eventually if US does not play its China cards well we (the US) will be seeking more formal ties with INDIA. Real Great Power politics have not left the 21st Century without them [Great Power Rivalary] being a factor.
So you will be hearing more on this blog about that TRIAD of Great Powers.

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