The Military/Industrial/Academic Complex

Well I may post from time to time on this subject. Suffice it to say that our democracy (Republic) is directly threatened by the avariciousness of the military/industrial/academic complex.

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I have refined this theory of avariciousness a bit since the events of the last decade. I now believe that an essentially  corrupt corporate governance class uses the military and the academic community as a front for its greed. To the extent that taxpayer dollars are kept in the US and not sent almost directly overseas by the FIRE sector of the economy they are kept domestic by the above TRIAD that continuously undermines needed domestic spending and is gradually turning the US into a nation of paupers and and extremely wealthy top 1% of income earners and wealth possessors.
I have always loved the quote of President Andrew Jackson stating “It is not the job of government to make men rich”! If he could see USA governance circles now he would spin in his grave.
And by the way the Egyptian situation has vast implications for the USA and will address that later.
More to follow!

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