Aircraft Carriers

I spent the last several days in Norfolk, VA. Stayed in the Page House B&B a very very short walk across the street from the Chrysler Museum. Rated one of the top 20 art museums in the USA I love the way that Museum operates and displays it contents. The glass display is mind-blowing. This visit did not visit the Museum and normally closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

But I did travel around Norfolk and also saw the Navy up close and personnel from across the river on the Portsmouth VA riverfront. WOW! YOu really understand the huge ships that help defend US.  Also a very very large NAVAL Hospital is in Portsmouth which I am sure has done a great deal to help wounded members of the Armed Forces.  My sister was an ARC worker in the Philadelphia Naval Hospital for several years after college and before getting her MSW at Bryn Mawr.

But the raw fascination of the huge warships prompted me to give this post and to review aircraft carrier history at:

I keep thinking this huge creatures of the 20th Century will not be around at the end of the 21st but who knows. I guess it depends on how well they can defend themselves with escorts against the sea skimming missile and submarine threat. My problem is that a loss of 5-6000 sailors in a single attack could have a devastating impact on the US and its vision of itself. There has been some effort to evaluate attacks or threats against national monuments and cultural icons and its does seem to me that these very large ships may well be in that category. But “Awesome” is the only appropriate adjective IMO to describe these huge vessels.


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