DECLARATIONS OF WAR-Come in Many Guises!

Well the Economist Mag had an excellent article last fall discussing the currency wars. If you have not notices the FEDERAL RESERVE and Treasury are involved in the largest devaluation of the dollar in its history.

This effort may destroy the world’s economy but we (US) don’t seem to care. If you wonder why commodities are skyrocketing up in price it is because those from other countries are more expensive to buy with the cheapened dollar. No economist here but even I can understand that.

So just to make sure I understand the US position and that open currency warfare has commenced well in the past I recommend you confirm what I say by going to:

Well expect the blowback on this one to be huge. And to think the US led World Bank, and the IMF are always hammering countries that don’t allow tidal waves of capital coming in and going out without restriction. I certainly think that anti-US sentiment is really about to skyrocket especially since that commodity called “food” will be off the charts by the end of the year. US ethanol subsidies for fuel is not helping either.

See also the FED CHAIRMAN’s Paris Speech:


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