From time to time I find articles worthy of blogging abbout. Below is one:

There are problems with this overview and some of its history is garbled yet it seems useful to blog about.
It leading deficiency is that it distorts the fact that Congress not DOD by self-initiated action became concerned about WMD issues leading to Senator Sam Nunn efforts to legislate what became the Defense Against Weapons of Mass Destruction Act of 1996, Title XIV of the DOD Authorization Act for that year.  Panicked over preparedness against terrorist attacks on the 1996 Atlantic Olympics caused NUNN to push the Executive Branch on WMD issues. Given his efforts with the Nuclear Threat Initiative-a rich resouce of study and documentation and policy discussion on WMD issues he has continued to bring his ability to assess on a reliable basis the non-performance of the Executive Branch including DOD in ways that trigger official responses.
Since I continue to label WMD policy and issues the very highest priority for DHS I keep hoping GAO and others include DHS/OIG will push this area of concern harder.  Personally as I watch the ARAB world explode in a frenzy that I believe is driven by outrageous corruption and unfairness in those countries, not oil and not Israel, I find the insights into civil military issues extremely interesting.
And I continue to fear that WMD highlight civil military issues but not always in a way that is helpful. The article above of course attempts to paint a picture of how much is done but in fact units trained in CBRNE incidents/events the DOD term for WMD are only as good as their current level of knowledge and training and this must be kept in top shape as a HRO [highly reliabel organization] 24/7/365 days a year.  That is a very difficult task even for a military unit.
So please take the articles conclusions as to the state of preparedness, including training, equipment, readiness, plans etc with a large grain of salt.

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