CUBER- No Not a Mispelling

A prominent American politician pronounced Cuba as “Cuber”.  Oddly the fascination I have with that Island Nation state still focuses on October 1962. In a brilliant update of Cuba issues for Congress CRS has issued a recent report at:

“Cuba: Issues for the 112th Congress,” January 28, 2011.

I find the report of an unusually high quality even for CRS. Unfortunately it does not discuss CUBAN foreign policies directly and only by inference as it discusses US policy towards that nation-state.

Adding to my interest of course is living through the Mariel Boatlift in 1980 in the last year of the Carter Administration while in FEMA’s Office of the General Counsel. FEMA assigned by Carter to help out and an Emergency Declaration issued.

Well for some reason I have a hunch that the STATE of Florida will be extremely important in the 2012 Presidential election whether or not Jeb Bush or new Senator Rubio is on the ticket. Also fully expect a transition in power possible in CUBA before 2013. 

A fact pointed out to me by a Cuban-American friend who worked for me in the summer of 1979, a very intelligent and beautiful woman in her third year at PENN Law School, and later Counsel at the U. of Florida still registers.

Cuba is a country that my US standards meaning if you are white but have black ancestry you are black is 0ver 85% black. Since the Castro takeover over 80% of all refugees to the US from Cuba have been white in the sense they can pass as white in the US. The Marielites were often more black than white as Castro emptied his prisons.

It used to be that Washington wrestled with the notion that a Castro collapse would prompt huge issues of returning US citizens claiming businesses and properties expropriated by Castro.  Whatever the merits of that problem reassessments have been conducted since the passing of significant power to RAUL the brother of FIDEL. Now the fear is that huge numbers of Cubans will again wish to emigrate to the US where they might or might not have relatives but where Florida would largely welcome them even as their is outmigration from those tired of Hurricanes, water issues, development and environmental issues and on and on. And perhaps politics also. The comebacks are legion even where I live in the Northern Neck of VA where many retired to Florida, thought better of it and returned north.

Personally my opinion is that if the racial makeup statistics are what I have listed above both in Cuba and refugees, despite the white face of Cuba specifically the Castro brothers, the largely black population is not anxious to have the white overlords return or to chase them to Cuba.  So potentially the US has the interesting choice of policy outcomes that might be predictable by a large island nation-state in the Caribean Sea that is not enthralled with a US that is largely viewed with suspicion by most of Central and South American. 

But hey good work CRS!

Also see most recently:


Presidential Documents
Cuba; Continuation of National Emergency Relating to the Anchorage and Movement of Vessels (Notice of February) ,
11071–11073 [2011–4596] [TEXT]  [PDF]

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