Juliette Kayyem–DHS Loses a Star

I have just confirmed through an op-ed just published in the Boston Globe on Arab television by Ms. Kayyem that she departed last fall from DHS.

That departure had been rumored last summer.

For some background go to:

This departure reflects the fact that not only has Ms. Kayyem energy and talent been lost to a department struggling to perform its mission but although replaced in her position already, Ms. Kayyem had been a perfect match for directing intergovernmental relations for DHS a department now largely dominated by former law enforce and military personnel who have no real knowledge or feel for Intergovermental Relations. I don’t know how Ms. Kayyem would measure her successes or failures during her time at DHS but she at least presented a brilliant mind and great personal experience in the system of Federalism that DHS must master to be an effective department.
Ms. Kayyem may have had to swallow twice in preparing and giving her testimony on the BP Oil Spill Catastrophe but at least it was highly professional. An odd choice though for a DHS spokesman on the issue since Intergovernmental Relations was largely a foreordained failure when FEMA was not given an Emergency Declaration under the Stafford Act. 
Her testimony however is instructive:
Its modeling itself on DoD is perhaps the greatest strategic bureacratic failure of the modern American government. Perhaps like DoD once funding streams are reduced those two organizations will prove to be the last organizations able to defend the Homeland or provide Homeland security. Why? Because its contractor brainpower will have disappeared and almost no capability internal to either of these departments exists.
Ms. Kayyem, however, did in fact reflect the fact that there were some brains and some talent in DHS. Now she has departed. 
Ms. Kayyem replacement is Betsy Markey:

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