Does the health of the STATEs and their local governments have much significance in the policy debates in Washington? As both STATES and their local governments slash payroll and slash programs often countervailing Washington stimulus policy my conclusion is that WASHINGTON would just as soon see a new CONSTITUTION with FEWER states or less power in the STATES or whatever.

Many of the Federal departments and agencies have very very weak intergovernmental affairs staff, budgets, programs, functions or activities and often federalism is thought of for implications only at the last moment by federal employees. Does Congress care?  Not much!  If it did it would have a JOINT COMMITTEE on FEDERALISM that would provide a federalism assessment for all repeat all federal legislation. FEDERALISM is not that easy a concept to deal with in designing governance systems. It fascinates me how little the PUBLIC ADMINSITRATION types and scholars, and the POLITICAL SCIENCE types and scholars, and the GOVERNMENT types and scholars pay attention to and study federalism issues. If they did study them they might start with STATE and their local governments budgets.

For a start go to:


Source:  The Council of State Governments

For an interesting look at state government compensation by state and branch, see here (pdf).

And for an outstanding look at state-by-state budgets, see here (pdf)


Good luck STATES and their local governments! You are being outbought and outfought in Washington by other private interests who could give a hoot about your successes and probably often design their campaigns to see that you fail. Good to spend time on ending public employee unions instead of taxation of foreign corporations doing business in the STATEs. No tax on internet business is a litmus for the future.


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