AMANDA DORY-Senior Executive Service

Amanda Dory is Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy. I met her while participating in a CSIS study from which the following article  was capably extracted by Ms. Dory:

  • American Civil Security: The U.S. Public and Homeland Security
  • I do note a minor error in the article in that the FCC not NOAA is the primary regulator of the EAS [Emergency Alert System]. See 47 CFR Part 11. That system is undergoing changes under the acronym IPAWS.

    A short DOD bio is provided here:

    The buzzword of “resilience” now lurks through the halls of DHS and has been addressed in several posts. I attribute Amanda’s study to be the first use and discussion of that concept.  She also does a nice job in both article and study of addressing the need to overcome the public perceptions of the federal civil defense efforts during the cold war. For a brief chronology of those efforts see the following:

    This chronology has only recently become available as a virtual document. Oddly many of themes struck by the CSIS Civil Security study are foreshadowed by the Hopely Report mentioned in the chronology and issued in 1948. That document is available on the VACATION LANE BLOG under baseline documents.

    Ms. Dory is an outstanding example of a dedicated civil servant and hoping for the best for her. She is also a MOM since I last saw her.

    Good luck!   AMANDA


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