The results of the 2010 Census are pouring out each month this year. Surprises are in store for some governmental units. Based on the definition in the former Federal Revenue Sharing statute there were about 39,000 local units of government. Many federal statutes use differing definitions of what is a local governmental unit. The National Flood Insurance Program has a different definition from the Robert T. Stafford Act resulting in adminstrative confusion in the same agency. The most recent accurate counts of local governmental seem to hover around 80-90,000. If Congress adopted a standard definition for federal programs, perhaps a requirement that the unit had general taxing authority or sue or be sued capacity, then there would be a reduction and less incentive to create units like MUDs in TEXAS [Municipal Utility Districts].

One recent article at:

Residents Flee St. Louis, Especially North City, Over Last Decade « CBS St. Louis

The article indicates another solution, or at least a partial solution. Specifically where two units of local government have the same contiguous borders then they should merge into a single governmental unit. This would add certain efficiencies and reduce total overhead. An example from the past is the merger of Battle Creek, Michigan and its county under pressure from the Kellog Company that said it would leave if the merger did not occur.

Fewer local governments that cannot provide adequate emergency services would also help promote resilience and community preparedness.

Go for it STATES and your LOCAL units of government. After all these units only exist as creatures of the STATES.

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