DEMOGRAPHICS- Wish I Understood Them Better!

The following article came to my attention:

It is always interesting to me that in the arena of demographics HISPANICS are never broken down between non-white Hispanics and white Hispanics. Of course color and race are more a matter of emotion than fact. For example, I consider President Obama a white not a black President although he chose a black woman as his wife or vice versa. Being somewhat conversant with black history and demographics–including recently reading the “DELANEY SISTERS”  a story of the more than 100 year lives of two black females written in 1993 and turned into a stage play, I do understand that gradations of color have enormous implications for the black citizens and residents of the USA.
I  went to law school with an HISPANIC white Princeton grad who told me while in Army Basic Training he was made a PLATOON LEADER because his last name was LOPEZ.  I found that amusing at the time little realizing that in fall 1967 I would also be in Basic Training.
Basically I argue that Mexico and the US are one country and share much more of a joint history than the opposite. What I find of interest of course is that in a recent post on Cuba I also did not point out that most of the Cubans fleeing to the USA since the Castro takeover in 1959 were actually white HISPANICS not black HISPANICS.
The article above is over simplistic in not analyzing more closely the HISPANIC demographics in the USA and more precise. I have read several studies that even HISPANICs by the third generation in the US mostly are not bilingual and speak ENGLISH as their first tongue. It is also my belief that many male and female Hispanics whatever their color will marry ANGLOs and then proceed to start the melting process genetically.  Watch for an HISPANIC US SENATOR succeeding Jeff Bingaman in 2013 just not sure which party or ideology.
Examine Senator Rubio from Florida and I would argue as white as any US Senator who parades or pretends or is largely white.
Time for the Census to either give  up on race or explain why they think it is important or useful to the CENSUS  before 2020!
After all IRISH and ITALIANS and other Southern Europeans were treated socially as if they were black. But perhaps that was religion not race.

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