Arabia and the Maghreb!

I have been trying to follow events in the Middle East (ME) closely over the last two months. One of the best sites for info is the blog of Professor Juan Cole, PhD of the University of Michigan.

That site is as follows: Informed Comment: Thoughts on the Middle East, History and Religion

In today’s post Professor Cole is more accurate IMO in analyzing the last two months and its real outcomes so far. That analysis indicates a long way to go in the ME and that while personalities in the leadership have changed often caretakers of the change represent the old regime not the new. Personally I think Mubarack is still in charge but no longer the front man for the military dictatorship he ran or should I say still runs from behind the scenes at Sharm-El-Shiek in the far south of the Sinai.

Note I also use the term Maghreb!


But a great deal of analysis is starting to appear on the Why Now for the current protests. Some is more metric than others including a complicated portrait by NOMURA securities posted on the Big Picture blog. Some softer analysis appears at:

Personally I think much more blood and disruption will occur not just in Libya but elsewhere. I argue the US has been much too passive so far in trying to influence the eventual outcomes. I am not sure whether that reflects lack of understanding of the magnitude of these events, incompetence, or inability to muster some sort of intervention.
Well time will tell!

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