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CUBER- No Not a Mispelling

A prominent American politician pronounced Cuba as “Cuber”.  Oddly the fascination I have with that Island Nation state still focuses on October 1962. In a brilliant update of Cuba issues for Congress CRS has issued a recent report at: “Cuba: … Continue reading

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Does the health of the STATEs and their local governments have much significance in the policy debates in Washington? As both STATES and their local governments slash payroll and slash programs often countervailing Washington stimulus policy my conclusion is that … Continue reading

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Juliette Kayyem–DHS Loses a Star

I have just confirmed through an op-ed just published in the Boston Globe on Arab television by Ms. Kayyem that she departed last fall from DHS. Let US see Al Jazeera – The Boston Globe That departure had been rumored … Continue reading

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Has Luck Run Out for OBAMA and US?

I have a private theory that may be completely erroneous. In the spring of 2008 gasoline prices in the US hit over $4.oo per galleon. I believe that scarred the American people into the realization that in particular those without … Continue reading

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Can the 21st Century be America’s?

Okay folks what policies are necessary to build or rebuild an America that can compete? First is infrastructure and note in the following their is no discussion of broad band improvements althought $19B of the President’s budget is directed to … Continue reading

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Was Malthus Correct? IMO YES!

From time to time I think of the predicton of overpopulation and shortage of resources of food of the Reverand Dr. Thomas Malthus in late 18th Century and early 19th.  Worth reading is the wikipedia entry: Thomas Robert Malthus – … Continue reading

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From time to time I find articles worthy of blogging abbout. Below is one: Homeland Security Affairs: Article – Homeland Insecurity: Thinking About CBRN Terrorism There are problems with this overview and some of its history is garbled yet it … Continue reading

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