Libya and Possible US Intervention

I have concluded that the insurgents in Libya do NOT have the capability of destroying the regime of MQ [his name seems to have many spellings so use this identifier]!

The choice is now protracted Civil War or US intervention. First, IMO the US has long demonstrated it cares not about civil war internal to the Middle East or the Mahgreb [essentially land west of the Atlas mountains] with the outstanding exception of Saudi Arabia. The Saudis are reported to be actively involved in Bahrein on the side of the King and the royal family. US of course has no interest in supporting a Shia majority population (70%) against the Sunni royals. The problem of course is that in 1971 the US took over from the British the large naval faciltiy there and expanded it. Home base now of the US 5th Fleet! US official sources have downplayed the importance of that base but IMO official disinformation.

So while time will tell it is my belief that the US will choose civil war over power projection in Libya. And have no doubt that only the US can muster assets that might determine the outcome of the situation. More to follow.

And from DoD:

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3 Responses to Libya and Possible US Intervention

  1. christopher tingus says:

    It is not in the interest of the United States to take military action unless it is in cooperative action together w/teh internatinalm community. With Ethiopia the next explosive sovereign transformation shortly, unfortunately from my perspective, the results from all this revolutioon will be a more radical Islamic stronghold which the EU andits fast deployment forces will have t deal with, not American personnel!

    The future of the Middle East and those who will fill the void will be to further destabilize the entire region, affecting everyone in this quest to control Jerusalem! The revival of the Vatican’s “crusades” is once again to be depicted in the history pages….—–chris.tingus@gnaik,

  2. vlg338 says:

    Apparently decision reached by US policy elites not to intervene anywhere in the ME! Israeli may well suffer from this decision and well as insurgents and protestors. To the extent possible, except for hoping MQ is undermined by others, US appears t favor the STATUS Quo ANTE!

    • Christopher Tingus says:

      The clarity of the Book of Daniel Chap 11;40-44 explains what is taking place and w/Ethiopia soon to fall and Iraq’s oil to be controlled by Iran, We must remember that Tunisia is only about 150 miles from Sicily and the Port of Gibralter is vey near to Morocco and so on and so forth with 1.4mln bbls per day exported from Libya to the EU….certainly to be interrupted and now causing much alarm in the EU as it (Germans) know that it will be they and nt a weakened and bankrupted US which will lead the charge against the Radical Islamic leaders of the Middle East who will fill the void in leadership despite all these clamoring for freedom, etc. It has been so written and the German led EU, its ten puppets and the ever powerful Vatican with long memory back t 600+AD and the killings f so many Christians which set the stage for the crusades are in fact ready too launch the same from Cyprus w/a fast deployment EU army which will dash the sword of Islam as this pursuit to control Israel will be a failure for all that seek God’s city!

      For certain, the Suez, the Mediterannean and shipping will be disrupted, oil prices skyrocketing, food prices escalating and global strife causing much consternatin among men, history will once again repeat itself and here in our beloved America, our Judeo-Christian based nation, unfortunately we have been hoodwinked and this Goldman Sachs administration has no intent other than to enslave us, to rape us of any change we have as real estate, the stock market, pension funds, social securuty, all will be swept away…the “entrusted’ politician with self-agenda has given the keys away to the special interest groups as well as to the Asian (China) – for the last eight (8) Presidents and 19 Congresses, We as a nation have stepped aside and prostituted ourselves to the corporate oil companies with us doing nothing to lessen this dependence on oil from the Middle East and dril the billions and billions of oil beneath our nation!

      We are such a weakened power in all sectors and the German led EU knows full well that it must address the challenges created by the uprisings in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, soon Ethiopia and with clasped hands with the ever powerful Vatican, the German-led fast deployment armies and new shiny vessels sailing in the Mediterannean will take on the “Brutes of Tehran” and their bloodied hands!

      God Bless America!

      Christopher Tingus
      PO Box 1612
      Harwich (Cape Cod), MA 02645

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