Deutchland Uber Alles–The Germans Bet on Manufacturing

Unlike the US which devoted its lavish financial resources to the FIRE sector [Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate] the economic and political leadership of the modern Germany has devoted its efforts to modernizing and in fact dominating the manufacturing sector not just in the EU but world wide.

Instead of articles like below:

that are all about bailing out the Rentier class and the FIRE sector Germany’s manufacturing skills remain in a world leadership position. Perhaps the German culture and personality as reflected in the German auto industry are reflective of a nation-state and people that truly almost won world domination in 1940-41 under an evil dictatorship if ever there was one.

If one were to argue both sides of the case-German financial dominance in the EU–and the oppositie guess which would be the easiest and most persuasive argument. Clearly the British choice to stay out of the EURO zone was as much about the politics of nation-states as much as finance and economics. Since the collapse of the wall in 1989 Germany has gained statistically and otherwise from its dominance of the EU zone and now its integration of FRANCE and ITALY and other EU countries into its dominant economic sway indicate to me that the contest for that dominance has really ended with German victory.

The next battle for the Germans is to determine whether a Russian west of the URAL mountains becomes a full partner in German leadership of the EU or something else. Cleary the best brains in Russia are criminal not the political leadership. No wealthy person in Russia wants to have only the “Russian option” and both legitimate business persons and criminals are busy salting what they can outside of Russia. And of course the demographics of Russia are awful with many younger persons trying to get into the EU and Russian women trying to flee the strange and almost perverted objectivation of females in the modern Russian. This is not helped by the huge number of graceful Russian women now dominating the Runway in the Fashion Industry and International Tennis circles. I am told that a number of the future tennis stars are young Russian women learning tennis around the clock in S. Florida facilities.

But back to Germany. Because Russian manufacturing skills have declined but not yet totally lost, many engineering centers in Russia are now dominated and funded by the Germans. Where do you get the best aircraft engineering at the cheapest price today in the World is Russia. But those centers, formerly weapons development and production centers are now dominated and facilitated by a Germany that understands manufacturing and money in the modern world without the overt criminality of the Russian Republic.

Extractive industry is the real source of Russian wealth is holding the country together. The oil profits from the world wide surge in prices insures that another decade of  petrocracy is in store for Russia and its PUTIN style leadership–he is in fact evidently the world’s wealthiest person. The Sultan of Brunai watch out for this guy.

The real contest evolving on the Eurasian continent and the future is no longer over the so-called Eurasian Heartland, specifically the countries of Eastern Europe whose possession or political dominance was what the Soviet Empire was all about. Instead it is the vast territory and resources East of the URALS over which dominance will tell exactly the leadership of Eurasia. This battle is already down to the GERMANS and the Han Chinese. For the next two or even three centuries this will be the one to watch. And while the Chinese demographics are critically changed by their female infanticide and one-child per family rule [I am reading a wonderful study called “Bare Branches” about skews in sex ratio’s world wide but in particulary China and India] the Germans have a culture and language block far in excess of the population solely within the borders of a modern united Germany.

And the US had no strategy for its place in the world except for a now feeble militarism that will not be long in collapsing. Just an across the board 20% reduction in DOD would collapse the American economy faster than $150 per barrell oil and also render the US military to a rusting hulk without the ability to project power even in the Western Hemisphere.

Hey during WWI many US highschools dropped German as a language to study. Well guess what if you have a high school that does not teach Chinese or German or both forget about it. And German universities remember are totally FREE to the qualified.

Keeping your eye on the Internation ball these days for everyone but the US involves understanding the Germans as well as the Chinese. Good luck American ostriches.!


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