The Price of GAS-Adminstration Postion

The Administration has pretty much announced officially through various sources that it intends to do nothing about high gasoline prices and will not do so until Oil hits $150 barrel.

The Administration also states that there is NO oil shortage.

C’est La Vie!


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One Response to The Price of GAS-Adminstration Postion

  1. Christopher Tingus says:

    While I am seemingly at odds with this “Goldman Sachs” executive administration in almost every decision, tapping the US “oil reserve” may do us more harm than good as such action might send the “wrong” message to world markets and there is not enough evidence to promise that a sustained price reduction at the pump would be so noted. It is the opinion of this respondent that such action would be adverse to our national security interests and unfortunately once again, We here on Main Street USA are being – raped – “enslaved” by the oil companies and affiliates and a government “inept” in every manner, void in leadership on both sides of the aisle!

    The fact of the matter is that given the last eight (8) sitting Presidents and the last 19 Congressional gatherings of the “good ‘ol fellas and gals of the beltway” and more so this last democractic executive and congressional makeup where not one new initiative was passed towards alleviating this fiasco, I recall sitting in a gasoline line back in the ol days – 1973 – and government then called for immediate action and “drilling” to end this dependence on the Kings of the Middle East only to see us spend billions of “fiat” federal reserve notes to free Iraq and hand it over to the Iranians, the “Brutes of Tehran” as I refer to these thugs and a Middle East revolutioon whereby Islamic fundamentalists will have far more influence and affect than perceived at the moment….in fact, a Middle East eventually in conflagration as the German-led EU and its new fast deployment Army and shiny new battleships already sailing in the Mediterannean and the ever powerful Vatican of course in the resurrection of its seventh and final crusade will clash with sword in hand and in remebrance of the thousands and thousands of Christians killed in the 600 AD time frame w/the Vatican and its long memory aligned with the ten (10) nation only EU in the continued quest to control Jerusalem!

    $5.00 and then $8.00+ per gallon – get your rusted bikes out of the shed, you’ll need them!

    By the way, with Ethiopia to fall prey as well shortly, it is time to read the Book of Daniel, Chapter 11; 40-44 and the turn to Revelations to get a better grasp on the present timeline and what is truly taking place…

    What is truly unfortunate is a President in office who is completely out of touch, a Congress comprised of those preferring self agenda versus serving the public as “entrusted to do so, applauding one another with – incestuous – acclades and a nation whose flag should be flown from each front porch here on Main Street USA upside down depicting the “peril” we face and no one to lead us – Where is Winston Churchill?

    Barry, as a proud, natural born citizen of the United States, proud of my ancestry to Sparta Greece, I submit the first vote herein as public record in “Recall of the President of the United States! Not only have you done little to stem unemployment still hovering at 9%+, however in these first years, you have managed to spend 2+trillion federal reserve notes – dollars – as some refer to them – to the existing $13 trillin budget deficit as well as interferring in a local (Cambridge) police matter which was Not your business nor interferring in the State of Wisconsin as you have done utilizing the one and only experience you have in resourcefulness, community organizing at the grass roots level and from your executive pulpit, blatently interfering in a State of Wisconsin issue — I guess you can go back to being a community activist for your idea of having a “beer fest” on the White Hous lawn is not a solution!

    Christopher Tingus
    “Main Street USA”
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich, MA 02645 USA

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