A CIVIL/Military Crisis in Japan?

The Kobe Earthquake in January 1995 came about one year after the Northridge Earthquake in the US. Kobe had an epicenter 60 miles down, Northridge about 600 miles down. I estimate the Japanese spent almost $250 billion restoring their largest seaport–Kobe–post disasters while others assert it was only $150-175M.

I estimate that the new event may well reach $500B in total outlays by the public and private sector in Japan.

One of the issues that developed at Kobe was the failure to mobilize Japanese Military assets fast enough to help with basic issues like mass care–food, water, shelter, Emergency Medicine.

Well take a look at:

Over 100 million people on Japan’s largest island and with huge disruption of the energy grid, supply system generally, and transportation grid other than seaborne.

See also:


This is a really huge event and as we move into the 3rd day of its impact it is now clear that HONSHU Island in its totality will have major impacts and disruption on its economy and population. I am not knowledgable about Japanese civil Emergency Management but dealing with basic services for over 100 million people is a huge huge task. It cannot be done even with the help of the Japanese military without glitches.

So this is one to watch closely and see how well the combined team of Japanese civil servants and Japanese military go about caring and feeding over 100 million people. Are you watching this closely US polity? The world is now about to see what a truly catastrophic situation portends for their own nation-states either from causes based on warfare or Mother Nature.

I can tell you flatly that the “New” FEMA would not be up to a million man/woman event much less over 100 million. So let the US carefully document lessons learned and the entirety of the Executive Branch and the totality of the Armed Forces of the US.

If the US is going to help at all we better be leaning forwards NOW!


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One Response to A CIVIL/Military Crisis in Japan?

  1. Christopher Tingus says:

    Let’s face it – the Japanese in Tokyo saw buildings swaying back and forth…imagine NYC in a 7.0+ shake — never mind something even close to a 9.0! h, how unprepared as a nation we truly are in so many ways….

    We are such a reourceful nation comprised by such a most charitable people, yet a local, state and nation (executive) government of so many we have entrusted by precious vote only to be so inept, so incestuous in applause of one another, so self fufilling and yet, in 31 states and 104 nuclear facilities, few could withstand anything more than a 7.5 catastrophe, never mind a 9.0!

    We can’t even handle a typical nor’easter or Hurricane Katrina, never mind an earthquake of substantial clout – We have an executive branch allowing the creation in printing of $100 million fiat notes every month to sustain this economy which is sustained by what I refer to as ‘Disney Economics” and certain to see a double dip decline and a stock market less than 9500!

    FEMA handling what Japanese officials must endure – forget it –

    Let’s start now – today – by doing an – immediate – risk assessment of each of the nuclear facilities in 31 states and then identifying the necessary funds to truly address what could be catstrophic for millions and millions and millions of fellow citizens!

    We are such a wonderful people who do care about others…really…yet so unprepared, so dysfunctional in so many ways…

    We need stringent building codes. We obviously need much more than the ineptness those we entrust are capable of addressing —

    God Bless America!

    Christopher Tingus
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich, MA 02645 USA
    “We Main SteetUSA”

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