The HONSHU Earthquake-9.1?

My quick take! The earthquake and tsunami are the worst natural disaster in Japanese history.  What may end up making the event a real record setter is the impact on Japan’s heavy reliance on nuclear power reactors. A total of five (5) were scrammed (ordered shut down immediately) but two were having difficult doing so and emergency evacuations were orders for up to 10 Klics around each plant.

The Japanese polity is now faced with the biggest test of its government and people since WWII! See:

This event is definitely the big one for the Japanese and the totality of the response and recovery effort will be the standard for stresses and strains for the rest of the century.

Note the evacution zone has been expanded to 20 kilometers!

Also note that Japan rejected evacuation planning around its nuclear power plants.
And just a post script although it sometimes takes weeks or months for the Scientists to agree on the Richter Scale of the event and perhaps more important the depth of the epicenter the following story has now appeared in the MSM:
If it is determined to be a 9.1 event this would be twice as strong/severe as an 8.9 event.

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