US at WAR in another ISLAMIC Country?

Launching cruise missles against any nation-state is clearly an Act of War just as a Naval Blockade (Cuba-1962)! The US has launced 113 cruise missiles against the Libyan Government ruled by a dictator. For much of the time since the Libyan insurgency started around early February the Washington concensus was against intervention even a NO-FLY zone. The opposition largely led by the senior leadership of the US ARMED forces and SECDEF GATES. After the Arab league adopted a resolution in favor of a NO-FLY zone, the US turned around and so did the UN.

In the UN the vote  was 10-0, 5 abstained:
China, Russia, Germany,Brasil and India
The draft from FP:

I am still not quite sure if this language is actually the final final UN version but the best I could come up with.

Here is my question?  Where is Congress in all of this including the Republican majority in the House of Representatives. To my knowledge UN resolutions that could be considered authorization for the US to go to WAR are not self-executing and require Congression action, perhaps even ratification by the Senate of the UN Resolution. Hoping this will be explained in detail.

Note that the WARS in both Iraq and Afghanistan were launced by virtue of a Congressional Resolution and if my understanding is correct NO UN resolution.

So there does seem to be some inconsistency and I know “foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds”–Oliver Wendall Holmes, Associate Justice on SCOTUS. So perhaps time will explain all.

It would also be of great interest as to exactly how the targeting of the missiles was conducted and whether this had any review to determine if in compliance with the UN resolution and who conducted that review for the President and the military chain of command.

My problem is that in this century I can easily forsee a cruise missile attack from offshore close in submarines or other craft against the US and wondering what are take will be on that activity? After all even N. Korea has 30 or more subs although all are diesel as far as I know. Iran also has subs. Does Libya?


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One Response to US at WAR in another ISLAMIC Country?

  1. As Biblical verse has forewarned us, today’s WH staffers boasting over the cruise missiles launched and the damage inflicted, obvius inexperience and ineptness will result in further deterioration of our global positioning….This action was too be a joint military endeavor, not a one-sided aqttack with a few token participants —

    Some very expensive 124+ cruise missiles have been launched by this time tonight and as a US citizen, I ask via this blog that the US Congress hold “emergency session” to discuss the executive branch’s decision to attack another nation’s borders in what I see is as a loosely tied coalition w/US forces again taking the brunt of this so-called coalition where by the Germans who lead the EU, made it quite clear that they would not engage as did others —

    The WH gloating of the action taken and the damage inflicted on a cold blooded killer which we all despise for his dastardly deeds and evil doings is a White House and its leader as quite inexperienced and no such action should have taken place w/o consent of Congressional discussions and vote in support or nay!

    All we hear on Main Street USA is report after report of US attacks and a few Brits and French thrown in to the mix, yet where are the Arabs – beware – be very aware….I am personally quite surpised at the Joint Chiefs of Staff going along with this w/o pushing hard for Congressional discussion weeks prior — We are already in the caught in the regional thicket and soon the bees will sting – Whta are we doing there in such an unequal equation — where are the Arab states who would not condone such cold blooded killing on the streets — I did not see the US send it very expensive cruise missiles into Tehran when precious Persian blood was dripping from a courageous, a brave young woman who was left to spill blood on the street as she and other young people protested the “Brutes of Tehran” ??

    All US armed services action must cease until a clearly depicted Arab and other participants’ flags are shown suppoorting the orders of the UN! Other nations besides France, the UK and America must participate now….as tracer bullets fly —

    Enough is enough!

    By the way, while it is no secret that many of us here on Main Street USA have little respect for many on both sides of the aisle, by not demanding a full discussion on the floor and holding immediate session given news reports and Pentagon briefings as we see on CNN and Fox News, w/disregard to whether We approve or not, open the doors and discuss what has taken place and who and when???

    By inaction, you have given this idiot time to hide under his palace and to utilize the tunnels when and if necessary, beneath meters of cement thickness, a fortress!

    We no longer a nation which can afford to launch 124+ cruise missiles and certainly not without the full Congressional approval….

    ….and any such action taken is foolhearty at best as we shall shortly see the Muslim Brotherhood take the reigns in Cairo and a start to a conflagration for all men which will lead to tragedy —

    Ask tonight, “Where’s my Congressional representative? God Bless us all!

    We here on Main Street USA see our enslavement to poverty as our pockets are bare from the change being stripped from our pockets –and our esteemed nation is in distress….

    Surely we want to rid the world of such despots, but adhereing to UN resolution whereby a collaborative, joint-effort would be conducted and approved by full Congressional approval is certainly the appropriate method to muster the support by the people —

    We are tired of policing the world and being so criticized and our precious youth dying far from home – Yes, Iraq will fall into the hands of Tehran and surely its oil as well — now, Libya, with such sweet crude, I have a number of EU buyers calling me awaiting for an allocation —

    To the WH, stop your immature gloating as this is the real world and in this 21st century w/the “Brutes of Tehran” and the “KGB Putinites” hanging around, caution and vigilence are required for verse is quite clear. It is so written….

    Thank you to our men and women in uniform, to those at NSA and DoD and others who are dedicated so to our beloved Republic! God Bless you.

    Christopher Tingus

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