FEMA and Radiological Preparedness

WAPO ran this story last week:

The Federal Emergency Management Agency “is in a constant state of flux” and needs to better coordinate disaster preparedness efforts with state and local governments, a government watchdog will report Thursday.

I posted a comment on the WAPO article above and also have commented on FEMA’s REP program and related matters several times on this blog.

As my comment on WAPO points out almost no review formally of FEMA radiological preparedness program has been conducted by FEMA’s management or those outside the program like OIG/DHS or GAO in last two decades. It seems to run on cruise control with large impacts on policy by contractor staff. “Observers” of REP exercises are still often confused with being evaluators!  This is a recipe for disasters. The program is funded by USER fees. I am told that over 100 failing deficiencies have occurred with subsequent correction in REP exercises and other plan changes.  Failures can occur because of defective plans, defective execution, defective training and not sure how these 100 break down. 

Also there is no evidence of Congressional oversight of FEMA’s REP in last two decades.


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