Guidance For STATES and Their Local Governments by CDC

A March 23rd release from HHS/CDC in the form of 150 pp of guidance to States and their local governments on public health looks excellent. After all since the US continues to insist that Public Health is really a state and local issue [an absurd conclusion] there definitely should be guidance at a minimum and probably intensive review metrics to determine capabilities. The American Medical Association recently concluded that 45% of STATE and their local governments had almost NO capability in public health matters involving radiological preparedness and response. My guess is that FEMA former civil defense efforts that ended in 1994 and its REP [Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program] are the only real vestigal efforts of the US government on radiological threats and vulnerabilities but that might make for another post.


In the meantime go to:  CDC Public Health Preparedness Capabilities: National Standards for State and Local Planning


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