More on the President’s Warpowers!

In a follow-on to the March 21st earlier post on the President’s War Powers  Steve Aftergood of FAS [Federation of American Scientists] writes in his blog Secrecy News:


The decision to impose a no-fly zone on Libya is scrutinized from various perspectives in a new report (pdf) from the Congressional Research Service.

The report distinguishes “authorization” to establish a no-fly zone from the “legality” of the move, and also from its “legitimacy.”  “The three concepts overlap but are all distinct,” the report says.

The report, which may help to inform congressional deliberations, also treats operational and cost issues.  A copy was obtained by Secrecy News.  See “No-Fly Zones: Strategic, Operational, and Legal Considerations for Congress,” March 18, 2011.

“From the Washington Administration to the present, Congress and the President have enacted 11 separate formal declarations of war against foreign nations in five different wars,” according to another newly updated CRS report.  Yet there have been hundreds of U.S. military engagements over the past two centuries.

The significance of a declaration of war as compared to an “authorization” for the use of force was explored in detail in “Declarations of War and Authorizations for the Use of Military Force: Historical Background and Legal Implications,” March 17, 2011.



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One Response to More on the President’s Warpowers!

  1. Christopher Tingus says:

    Our perspective here on Main Street USA finds a strong contrary consensus to the administrations’ actions and reference to “kinetic actin” and while as forewarned, any such actin and participation by the US in such mission would encounter much confusion as well as opening US and Israel to a prejudiced community and a President far too close to the Arab community which as we now see w/Turkey and other Arab states, seeking only limited involvement….

    As previously demanded of Congress, a Congress for the most part I find nothless than inept, my demand that any and all action and participation be halted imemdiately as Congress was not given time to debate any such military participation now involving eleven (11) or more vessels, countless aircraft, over 124 cruise missiles, etc.

    The concern here is that no sich action has taken place against the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Hezbollah for instance in their direct abuse of its own people and neither the US or a coalition formed by the UN took any such action against Iran when innocent Iranians and a wonderfully brave young woman whose richness in Persian heritage was allwed to die with her precious blood dripping on the streets of Tehran in the cold blooded murder by the “Brutes of Tehran” w/so many attacked and injured protesting and the international cmmunity looking the other way as it has done this past week when rockets were fired into Israel, a British woman killed at the bust stop in Jerusalem and again, the same international community and particularly the US and this administration taking the lead costing millions and millions of fiat federal reserve notes as sme refer to as dollars and not a Congressi0nal heating – there is more than meets the eye and as a US Citizen, I demand that the US Congress convenes in emergency session and suspends any US involvement until a vote of the Congress is taken….

    With Ethiopia soon to fall prey as will Egypt and Turkey to more radical Islamic influence, again let me remind that I have pointed to Biblical verse (scripture) that present US policy will not go well and guess what (WH), the “kinetics” you reference in your plicy statements not only shows your total lack of inexperience when it comes to warfare, but the “kinetics” will bite you far more than you can imagine – It is time within 24 hrs. to convene Congressional discussion before Barry and his Goldman Sachs administration and their spokesperson, Ms. Hillary and her cohorts in London set a new global community policy where nations can attack another nation – by the way, again who abstained from any such action and involvement, Brazil, oh, yes, Germany, the German-led EU and its ever growing manufacturing economy who has been known to “manipulate” NATO and US forces for its own gain — wake up!

    Any such action should not be left to the executive decision, it is a Congressional decision and nothing more until ensuing debate and vote give directive for any such action…by the way, more rockets fired into Israel…I don’t see you Barry et al very concerned, however We here on Main Street USA ask our flag officers in the US military and the Joint Chiefs of Staff to refuse any such directive unless from Congress!

    Christopher Tingus
    Post Box 1612
    Harwich, MA 02645

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