Why not just Assassinate MQ?

Well it looks like NATO is now the US fig leaf in Libya! But why not just assassinate the Libyan leader I refer to as MQ since numerous spellings of his name exist.

For one possible reason see below:

The prohibition on assassination appears in EO 12333, as amended in 2008:

A 2002 CRS report is here:
The British and French have no such prohibition that I know of.
They will be leading the NATO coalition!
See Wikipedia on Assassination.



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One Response to Why not just Assassinate MQ?

  1. Christopher Tingus says:

    W/ apparently few truly reading and understanding Biblical verse, especially at the WH where neither Barry and his “Goldman Sachs” cohorts or the Rev Wright and his anti-Israel rhetoric and the directive to US and/or coalition forces lending a heavy hand upon MQ’s strong stance will be successful whether in Lybia, next Ethiopia and soon the disruption of trade routes which will ignite the Iranian led regional conflagration which will necessitate an experienced strategy which certainly does not exist in the WH today.

    Soon the “Brutes of Tehran” will take over the oil production of Iraq and already with the trigger mechanism in place, soon Tehran’s bloodied hands will cause much futher despair and hopelessness for humanity….

    ….and it will only be with the strong fast deployment forces of the downsized ten (10) nation EU and the ever powerful Vatican which will see mankind once again stand on the threshold of extinction w/only God’s direct intervention to enable the human race to evolve despite its dysfuntion, itself!

    The demise of MQ will not alter what is happening throughout the Middle East and even though the hope for freedom among many people throughout the EU, it has been written far differently and the bloody quest for “control of Jerusalem” will inevitably lead to strife, poverty for so mant innocents and all a result of failing to repent, failing in our everyday Life to reach out to another, not necessarily to embrace one another, but to afford dignity and respect in trying to understand another’s perspective, their culture, their way of Life!

    As a global commodities trader, alternative and longer and more costly routes away from the increasing dangers to cargo-carrying vessels will affect transportation logistics. It is not MQ or the dastardly deeds of Syrian secret police outrightly killing it own kind, but the the ever increasing power of these “Brutes of Tehran” who will take cntrol of Egypt through the Islamic Brotherhood, who will control Libya and Ethiopia and this affect the trade routes and the flow of oil to Europe and the US…and We here in the US still without an energy policy, despite the last eight sitting Presidents and 19 Congresses….God Bless America as my front porch flag flies upside down denoting the imminent distress this misguided nation finds itself in the self-agenda and ineptness of those “entrusted” to assure the spirit of this once great nation $14+trillion in deficit, quickly becoming a third world country! We here on Main Street USA, “by our precious vote, entrusted local, state and national folks who have sworn w/hand on Bible to uphold our Constitution and the principles of this Judeo-Christian nation. Those professing their discipline to serving the public have for the most part resulted in a failed policy whereby We are in great peril from within, never mind the transformation of the Middle East into sheer hell for so many as the “Brutes of Tehran” and the “KGB Putinites” as I refer to them, turn the pages back in history to a time of far more devastation than any tsunami!

    We must remember that all man-made governments since Babylon, no matter their form, have failed. Let us prepare ourselves for here on “Main Street USA” chapter 11:40-44 are quite clear in scripture!

    Christopher Tingus
    “Main Street USA”
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich (Cape Cod), MA 02645 USA

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