Public Health–Hospital Preparedness and Japan!

Looking increasingly like I will need to post on breaking issues in Japanese catastrophe!


One developing story is Groundwater Contamination!


Another is Hospital Preparedness! Apparently the Japanese did not read the report set forth below:

Primary source: National Health Statistics Reports
Source reference:
Niska R, et al “Hospital preparedness for emergency response: United States, 2008” NCHS 2011; no. 37.



Hoping that all US hospitals profit making and non profit read this report and acted on it. Oh that is correct no one prepares for catastrophe in the just-in-time world of the modern hospital in the US!  By the way did knowFEMA builds hospitals or should I say in some cases not just new hospitals but also rebuilds some. Over 500 in last three decades. How many did HHS fund or build?

I have suggested that EPA be  moved to HHS in the forthcoming Obama reorganizations. And by the way FDA is much larger than EPA so the notion that HHS is not a regulatory org does not fly!  But hey maybe FEMA should also be moved to HHS?

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